Dendritic Agate Necklace


A beautiful Dendritic Agate cabochon wire woven into an elegant antiqued copper frame for this unique pendant necklace. It comes with a copper mesh chain that has a lobster claw closure with an adjustable 18” – 20” length.

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Dendritic Agate is a chalcedony containing branch or fern-like markings called dendrites. This stone is considered an agate even though it doesn’t have a banded appearance that is common with most agates.

Dendrites are the branch-like formations of iron or manganese oxide inclusions that crystallize within the stone.

Dendritic agate is prized in Russia as a stone of long life, good health and prosperity.

  • Size 2 3/8″ x 1 1/4″
  • Copper Mesh Chain Length 18” – 20″


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